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Television journalistic editing (first level)


50.00 KD

Television journalistic editing (first level)
What You Learn

TV press editing program axes (first level)

1- Television journalistic editing skills (TV programs, newsletters).
2- Broadcast journalistic editing skills.
3- Journalistic editing skills for magazines.
4- Text-processing skills, written script and how to reformulate it.
5- Steps and stages to be followed in the field of work on press editing of media material.
6- How to collect informational materials from appropriate and reliable sources according to the nature of the material.
7- Skills and art of formulating and writing the media material in an objective and interesting way before editing it.
8- How to verify (integrity of grammatical morphology, logic, style) in the material by the press editor


Television journalistic editing (first level)
50 dinars
From 6 to 9 pm (online)
Trainees receive accredited certificates

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