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Certified Media Expert Program


90.00 KD

Certified Media Expert Program
What You Learn

Lecturers and program themes:
Media and training program presenter Ola Shafie:
• Grammar and the art of writing
• Presentation and presentation skills and body language

Madi Al-khamees Secretary-General of the Arab Media Forum:
• The golden rules of the media
• Influential media appearance

Political and Media Adviser Rabab Baddah:
• Investigative reports.
Processing the field news report.

Dr. Safwat Al-Alam, Professor of Media at Cairo University:
• Crises are understood, their components and dealing with them in the media
Contemporary trends in public relations and media management
• Measuring public opinion and influencing it visually and in the press

Dr. Bashayer Al-Sanea, Doctor of Communication and New Media Science at Kuwait University:
• International media and communication technology
• Skills of dealing with the audience
• Modern theories in communication and media

Course price: 90 Kuwaiti dinars or its equivalent in US dollars, 300 dollars
How to apply:
Send a message on the following whatsapp

In the event that the program is completed, the trainees will receive a certified media expert certificates


Certified Media Expert
During the term
January 10-21, 2021

program duration:
• Number of days: 10 training days.

Apply remotely through the Zoom program (online)

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