Prepare, qualify and train media cadres and a professional generation with the latest concepts, media skills and advanced training techniques in media, press and cognitive training and human resources development which will make this generation stand out.

Ensure that all employees in all fields are at the highest levels in both the government and private sectors

To qualify and strengthen the management’s cadres in all the work fields and specialties

 Improve the level of Arab media through training and qualifying of Arab media cadres

Training and qualifying the personnel in the private and governmental institutions and organizations on working in media, public relation and all the private and governmental institutional sectors.

Establish partnership with the private and governmental local institutions as well as with the regional and international agencies that perform activities related to the academy work to exchange experiences and expertise in order to add additional values.

Obtaining and upgrading information and organizing its exchange and participating in coordinating seminars, panel discussions, workshops and conferences in media, management, development, training and quality.