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Investigative Journalism Course


40.00 KD

Investigative Journalism Course
What You Learn

Course axes
1- Definition of investigative journalism
Their handicaps - their importance
2- The stages of investigative investigation writing - selecting the idea - making the hypothesis
3- Collecting and analyzing information and evidence - writing style - content
4- Planning for writing - Types of introductions
5- Writing the body of the investigation - the conclusion - the television investigative investigatio


Course Name: Investigative Journalism Course
Media presentation: Ola Shafie
Informer and presenter of training programs

Duration of the course: three days ((online))
In the period 27-28-29 November 2020
At exactly seven o'clock in the evening Kuwait time
Subscription fee: 40 Kuwaiti dinars, or the equivalent of 130 US dollars.

((After successfully passing the course and meeting the attendance rate, the trainee gets an accredited certificate))

To apply: Please send a message via WhatsApp

FaceBook: @ ima.mediaacademy
Instagram: @ima_media
Twitter: @imamedia
- WhatsApp: +96594077113 (Kuwait)
Email: (Kuwait)

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