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TV presentation First level beginner


60.00 KD

TV presentation First level beginner
What You Learn

The axes of a course in television presentation skills
First day :
Entrance into the TV work
1- Why do you want to be a broadcaster?
2- The broadcaster's specifications
3- What is the role of the broadcaster - types of broadcasters - his relationship with the editorial team - his relationship with the director and the technical staff
4- Dealing with the automatic reader - the headphone is in the broadcaster's ear and its role

the second day :
Announcer qualities
1- Attraction, presence, sound
2- Calm, spontaniety, focus
3- The news anchor, his specifications, how to prepare for the newsletter
4- Breaking news
5- Handout interviews

the third day
Television Presentation Skills
1- Program announcer specifications
2- Preparation of the broadcaster before the program
3- The importance of program planning
4- Importance of dialogue management - time management
5- How to terminate the program


TV presentation
First level beginner
60 dinars
From 5 to 9 pm (Online)

Trainees receive accredited certificates

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