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The Integrated Media Academy offers its vocational programs in Kuwait

The Integrated Media Academy offers its vocational programs in Kuwait

The Integrated Media Academy offers its vocational programs in Kuwait


The Integrated Media  Academy opens its new branch in Kuwait at the beginning of this  month, this come after the huge success the academy achieved at its first branch in Cairo, as the academy depends in its curriculum on the intensive scientific and practical programs that will benefit the participants and the trainees, hence,  that qualified the academy to obtain the accreditation of the Public Authority for the Applied Education  and it was enlist in the in the list that include the training institutions at the civil service commission , as  The Integrated Media  Academy is considered the qualified specialized center for all the ambitious and those who are willing to reinforce their experiences ,qualify their possibilities and strengthen their abilities



“The Academy was established out of our belief in the importance of qualification and the development of individual skills as a basis for human development and the building of institutional systems in accordance with modern regulations and rules, and because we are in a developed world, we must keep up with the accelerated changes in all areas of life, and catch up with technology and innovations in all fields and spheres”

Said Madi Al-khamis the founder and the chairman of the Academy on a statement this morning.

Al-khamis asserted in his speech that the Academy has signed a number of cooperation protocols with a number of universities in the region and with Arab and foreign vocational and media centers, in order to achieve fruitful cooperation that will be helpful in training and qualifying employees in the governmental and private sectors through offering distinguished training services.

“The academy has paid a great importance to the field of qualifying and preparing generations that can defy the future and race the other countries in all the sectors of the society and also in preparing studies that will serve in taking the right decision in all specialties, revealing that the academy is offering a number of consulting, qualifying and vocational training programs in more than 37 fields, chief among them are the managing ,media, marketing, economic, educational and psychological programs, as well as aviation, tourism, petroleum and communication technology programs.” said Al-khamis.

“The Academy is concerned with human development programs because of their importance, and has received a great attention from many bodies, such as international organizations, companies, departments and governmental and private institutions in the present era, as these programs play an important role and have a great impact on the success and progress of these various bodies; which has made it our premier focus in order to upgrade the personal and professional skills that the modern labor market is requiring”. Added Al-khamis.


“One of the most important contributions that the Academy can make is the creation of a generation of media professionals with leadership positions in media departments in all media arts branches, provided that they would have the ability to be trained and present in a committed manner with a view to preparing them appropriately in accordance with their work as specialized media professionals. After preparing them, they should take over the responsible public functions in ministries, radio stations, television stations, newspapers and technical institutions, which will make them influence the conduct of the media religious, political, cultural and entertaining work process”. Explained Al-khamis.

“The goal from the establishment of the Academy is to contribute effectively to the provision of specialized media personnel who can use their talents and train them in education and information processes, emphasizing that the Academy trains cadres in all fields of media arts as directors, producers, directors, artists, technicians, writers and program planners. These graduates will be qualified to formulate effective policies and deliver ambitious and direct programs at the local level, and the Academy will not be limited to training professionals and technicians, but will also train managers and the leading figures in the society” pointed Al-khamis

It is worth to note that the Academy has developed a training program plan during the 2019/2020 training year, which includes a number of monthly and weekly programs.