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"Integrated Media" concludes leadership strategies with the participation of "Arab Planning"

"Integrated Media" concludes leadership strategies with the participation of "Arab Planning"

The Integrated Media Academy seals leadership strategies with the participation of the Arab Institute for Planning


The Integrated Media Academy concluded this morning the activities of the leadership strategies Forum in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Planning, Dr. Ashraf Al-Arabi, former Egyptian Minister of Planning, Follow-up and Administrative reform, and an adviser in the Arab Institute for Planning, Dr. Mohamed Al-Dweihis, former Minister of Planning, Minister of State for Administrative Development Affairs, and Madi Al-Khamis, Secretary-General of the Arab Media Forum, head of the Kuwaiti Information and Communication Society, Dr. Mohammad Al-Najimesh, an advisor in the administration. In addition to a number of participants from the Kuwaiti National Assembly, Kuwait Bank Union, Kuwait Finance House Bank, General Authority for applied Education and Training and a number of civil society groups leaders.

The three-day event at the Arab Planning Institute's headquarters included a number of training and professional sessions on leadership paths, effective leadership skills, strategic planning and a leadership success course, where the Academy always seeks to train and qualify the public and private sector workers. In its curricula, the Academy relies on extensive scientific and practical programs that benefit participants and trainees, which have qualified it to become accredited by the General Authority for applied Education, and have been included in the list of training institutes of the Civil Service commission. The Integrated Media Academy is a specialized training center for all ambitious people who want to enhance their expertise, qualify their potential and strengthen their capabilities.

Madi Al-Khamis, the founder and president of the Academy, thanked Dr. Badr Mallallah, Director of the Arab Institute for Planning for his support and cooperation with the Academy to establish this event, as well as his thanks to the lecturers of former ministers and academics for presenting and training to the participants in the meetings of the Forum

Al-Khamis, asserted that the Academy is delivering its programs on the basis of its belief in the importance of qualification and the development of individuals’ skills as a basis for human development and the building of institutional systems in accordance with modern regulations, and given our presence in an evolving world, it is imperative to keep pace with accelerated changes in all areas of life, and to catch up with technology and innovation in all fields and systems.

“The Academy has signed a number of cooperation protocols with a number of universities in the region and Arab and foreign media and professional centers in order to achieve a fruitful cooperation in the interest of training and qualifying government and private sector employees by offering distinguished training services”. Said Al-khamis


“The Academy has paid a great attention to qualifying and equipping the generations that can challenge the future, race other countries in all sectors of society and prepare studies that serve the right decision-making in all disciplines, explaining that the Academy offers a number of advisory programs, qualification programs and vocational training programs in more than 37 fields, the most important of them are the administrative, media, marketing, economic, educational and psychological programs in addition to aviation, tourism, petroleum and communication technology programs”. Pointed Al-Khamis.

"The Academy is interested in human development programs because of their importance, and has received great attention from many organizations, such as international organizations, companies, departments and governmental and private institutions in the present era, because these programs have an important role to play and have a great impact on the success and progress of these various actors. This has made it our focus in order to upgrade the personal and professional skills that the modern labor market requires.” Added Al-khamis.